Don't Just Manage Poa. Eliminate It.

  • XONERATE® Herbicide doesn’t just manage or suppress Poa annua on turfgrasses, it eliminates it. Studies have shown XONERATE to be 90% effective in controlling Poa annua1, more than any current product on the market. A major breakthrough in Poa control.
  • XONERATE also provides greater application flexibility than current products. And by eliminating Poa annua, you’re also eliminating the time and expense of trying to manage it: Less nutrient and water requirements. Less time spent watering and mowing. And less pesticide use due to a possible reduction in disease and insects.
  • XONERATE allows for selective removal of Poa annua.
  • Allows creeping bentgrass to be re-seeded seven or more days after the last application.
  • Can be used as a post-emergent control for smaller percentages of Poa annua, while transitioning to desirable turfgrass.
  • Can be used for heavy infestation control of Poa annua in a renovation program.
  • Absorbed by plant leaves and roots for quick, residual, post-emergent activity.
  • Eliminates Poa annua early in the season within three to four weeks which allows desirable grasses to fill in before the summer months for unmatched turf aesthetics during the heavy play season.2
  • Eliminates Poa annua, which could lead to less pesticide use due to a possible reduction in disease and insects on your fairways.
  • Effectiveness proven by university trials and golf course Superintendent and turf manager experience.

1 Grounds Maintenance, Controlling Poa annua in bent grass greens by Bert McCarty, Clemson University, December 22, 2011
2 Rates and applications will vary by turf type and geography.