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DISARM® Fungicides.
The Complete Control System

The DISARM® Complete Control System gives you all the options you need to solve every disease control problem. DISARM, DISARM C, DISARM G and DISARM M fungicides provide premier strobilurin disease control performance and value throughout the entire season. Each is specifically tailored to climate region, disease history and turf-grass variety. Alone, in chlorothalonil-based or DMI-based premixes, the DISARM Complete Control System allows you to choose your application – giving you complete control.

In addition to DISARM, Arysta LifeScience also offers ENDORSE® Fungicide, a broad-spectrum bio-fungicide with a unique mode of action. ENDORSE works like no other fungicide, yet is compatible with all others. ENDORSE WP obstructs the production of chitin essential for fungal cell walls, while inhibiting spore germination and mycelium growth. In other words, ENDORSE attacks turf disease through both foliar and translaminar systemic activity and ac be used either preventively or curatively. For resistance management programs, ENDORSE is ideal for rotation or tank-mixing with other classes of fungicides, like DISARM, DISARM C or DISARM M fungicides.